Vintage Rolex Ovettone Datejust 5030

Like the various “Bubble Back” of earlier Rolex watches driven by a self-winding movement, the self-assembled Rolex Ovettone watch has a significantly thicker movement and requires a domed case to case back. This, combined with the relatively large diameter of the two watches’ cases, eventually earned them the nickname “big Egg” among collectors.
Just like how these early fake rolex Ovettone Datejust watches pre-date the ‘Datejust’ name, they also pre-date the arrival of the collection’s now-standard cyclops magnification lens. The cyclops magnifier wasn’t patented by Rolex until 1953, and it wasn’t introduced to the Datejust collection in 1955, meaning that all of the earliest rolex Datejust watches were fitted with standard, domed acrylic crystals. With this in mind, the calendar disc itself is the actual date on display at the party, known as the “roulette” date wheel, where the date Numbers alternate between red and black.??Rolex Datejust
The fake watch was originally ordered from a retailer in Dayton, Ohio in 1949 by Charles F. Kettering. An American inventor, engineer, and businessman, Kettering was the founder of Delco Electronics Corporation, the head of research at General Motors from 1920 to 1947, and the holder of 186 different patents.
A good long-time friend of Kettering and fellow Dayton resident, Walter H. J. Behm was a prominent banker in the Dayton, OH area. He started his career at Winters National Bank and Trust Company, which was considered THE bank in the region at the time. Interestingly, American comedian, actor, author, and television host, Jonathon Winters is a member of the same family that established the bank. Walter H. J. Behm climbed through the ranks to become the CEO of Winters Bank during the 1950s.??
This particular replica Rolex Datejust Ovettone is made up of a white dial with pointed time markings and leaf-shaped hands that are strikingly similar to Rolex’s first dial on its Pre-Datejust watch. While the watch itself is incredibly interesting and an excellent example of Rolex’s earliest dates show at imageescorts, we think this is the back story that makes it truly special.