Beware! How to tell a fake Rolex

“I’m worried about my fake Rolex…”

As a Swiss watch, Rolex is synonymous with the brand. Whether it’s a chronograph or a wrist accessory, this Rolex fulfills every expectation of a Swiss luxury watch.
Rolex watches are such a luxury.
Everyone, knowing that their Rolex is fake, is shocking.
Some customers say “warranty cards are absolutely genuine”, but our evaluators evaluate many Rolexes every day, and we don’t necessarily say that.
The same goes for fake Rolexes on specific routes, depending on where you buy them. Appraiser, it is said that there are many fake Rolexes in the world.
However, it is actually difficult for the average person to distinguish between counterfeiters, not evaluators.
Since the parts of the watch and logo are so small, you naturally know how to tell them apart.
In addition, public brand purchasing shops and pawn shops have not released a large number of knowledge and materials about authenticity.
As a result, knowledge about how to differentiate and mimic information has not been widely disseminated.
I think this is one of the reasons.
So, unless we are evaluators like we are, can’t distinguish counterfeiters?
No, that’s not true.
Of course, we can’t tell the difference between a well-crafted fake.
However, if you have some knowledge of the genuine and fake, then you can easily tell the imitation.
Today, I want to address the concerns of Rolex users by showing their knowledge and how to differentiate them.
How to Identify a Fake Rolex Teaching
We will tell you.
Please prepare a Rolex watch and check it.

How many fake Rolexes are there?

– Did you also bring a fake Rolex on eBay?
Rarely brought in sometimes.
– Does the client know they are fake?
Unfortunately, most customers don’t notice
– What’s the difference between fake and fake?
The fundamental difference between the two is “whether a professional is making it”.
A Rolex is a carefully crafted “piece” that takes time and effort from top watchmakers.
Not only the appearance and function, but also the insistence on details such as the feel.
On the other hand, it’s a craftsman making fakes in less than two streams.
Counterfeiters are trying to bring them closer to the real thing, but if you look closely at the details, you’ll find Allah.
The technology couldn’t keep up with it and made it obsolete.
Let’s observe true and false in this view.

Rolex explorer my fake

The first thing to verify is Explorer I. A very basic watch called Three Hands on a Black Dial.
Classic Classics are available for both formal and casual use, introduced by Rolex.
Rolex is the most popular.
Do you know which is real and which is fake?

no sharpness

First, look at the case pictures. (left is true, right is false)


Although one is true and one is false, I don’t know what the difference is.
I think it does a great job…
But watch out for the crown mark.
The false crown is large and the letters are slightly thicker.
The joints, also known as the parts of the breathing ear, seem to be just a tad thick and fake.
In general, some fakes lack sharpness.

The balance between the crown and the role of “ROLEX”

Let’s expand the watch face further.


I think a comparison gives a good idea of the difference between the thickness of the crown and the ROLEX characters.
Let’s expand it further.


how about this?
The fake one is vague and unclear.
The real thing is drawn with sharp figures and is very clear.
Writing with crisp lines without blurry letters requires advanced technology.
You can see professional craftsmen crafting it carefully.
On the other hand, fakes are made by unskilled artisans.
Even if you try to draw the same way, it’s not reliable because it doesn’t involve technology.

digital balance

See the “9” section of the watch face.


Let’s expand it further.


The white part of the picture is light paint. (The dial lights up even in the dark)
Look closely, this kind of painting is more complicated to imitate.
Note the red circle.
The balance of space between paint and silver is poor. It’s off to one side.
The real picture is drawn at beautiful intervals.

Amount of luminous paint

This is the magnified symbol of “△” on the watch dial.


In this “△”, luminescent paint is used.
For fakes, the amount of luminescent paint is minimal. The painting method is also mixed, a little blurry.
The real thing is all paint around the edges, but the paint is neat.
As expected, this will be a professional process.

glass surface crown reflection

Note the part of the dial, this time “6”.


I think you can see that the fonts are a little different, but leave a point…


I think you can see the crown marks where you can see the fake “6” part.
In Rolex watches since 2000, the dial of the crown has been engraved on the dial glass.
The mark of this crown was originally marked with the naked eye, and it is the first time that the magnifying glass is seen from the side.
However, this fake reflects the crown emblem without delay. I guess it’s too little.

Breathe “Crown Logo” stamp.

Next, let’s pay attention to the support wrapped around the arm.
ROLEX engraves the symbolic crown on the stand.
Do you know the difference between true and false?



It’s really full, isn’t it? The shape of the lower ellipse is also different.
The real thing is the rough crown stone carved by professional craftsmen.
The counterfeit has no bumps and bumps, and the engraving should be flattened.
The technical differences are obvious.

Engraved on the inside of the belt

Let’s take a look at the inside of the belt buckle.


On the letters of ROLEX, there is also a crown mark.


Imitation has no three-dimensional feel, I think you want to be dull.

Crown and crown rim

Next, we also pay attention to the crown (part of the screw).
It is also different from imitation and real.


Please zoom in and pay attention to the jagged portion of the crown.


The shape of the tip is different. The imitation is a bit sharp.
If it’s as sharp as a fake, it will weigh on the fingertips and be difficult to roll up.
Professional craftsmen insist on the comfort of production, so the crown function of “the cushion is not too sharp and easy to wind”.
This is because in such a great place there is a difference between pro and pro.

Explorer II is illegal

The next thing to verify is “Explorer II”. The successor to the “Explorer I”, this clock was released in 1971.
It can withstand any harsh environment and is loved by adventurers around the world.
The 24-hour display function (24-hour bezel) is a feature.
Do you know which one is real?

Explorer II is similar in design to Explorer I.
But the difference is that it comes with a “date display”, “partial protection of the crown” and “24-hour display function (24-hour bezel)”.
Also, the use of “904L stainless steel” uses a very fragile material even in space planes.

Imbalance Index

First, take a look at the photo of the watch dialing out.


The circular pockets placed on the dial instead of the numbers 1 to 12 are called hour markers.
Note the location of the index.
The actual balance is evenly distributed to the left and right of the scale and indicator.
In order to arrange the indexes in a balanced way, only the advanced technology that Rolex craftsmen can do is required.
On the other hand, imitations are unbalanced, so they are on a medium scale.
Although it looks like a whole, the positions of the indexes are not uniform, and it is uncomfortable to just observe.
If you’re uncomfortable with a Rolex, you might suspect imitation.
This intuition is inappropriate.

Luminous paint highlights

Please check the dial carefully.
As you can see, in the dark, both the pointer and the tip of the needle are coated with luminous paint.

  Let us expand the portion of the lacquer that is further painted and observe it.

The genuine product is carefully painted with luminous lacquer with clear black borders.
However, knockoffs have paint protrusions and thin edges.
Depending on the skill of the craftsman, there are differences.

The crown watermark is clearly visible

This time we enlarged the glass part of the dial.


Since about 2001, Explorer II has had a small crown watermark that was lasered out.
This watermark is hard to see with the naked eye and does not appear in the picture.
It’s a level where you can finally look at the magnifying glass from an angle, finalized.
However, it is imitating it clearly shown in the picture, like this fake photo.

For a total of 24 hours, the red needle is very thick

Next, note the Explorer II, one of the functions of the red needle.
This red needle is a 24-hour clock that shows 24 hours.


Let’s compare real needles and fake red needles.
Fakes are thicker than real ones.
Needles are made by applying red paint to thin needles.
Painting on a needle requires great skill. (Even big overseas brands sometimes don’t draw well)
Rolex craftsmen are beautiful and not overly.
On the other hand, because there is no technique, the craftsman redraws many times, so the needle becomes thicker.
Look closely, there are air bubbles, and the paint is not applied to the base layer.
That’s the “it’s appealing!” impression.

very good printing

Let’s take a look at the printed part of the dial.


Please compare the crown marking with the character “ROLEX” which is the hallmark of Rolex.
Although the real product is drawn with sharp lines, the fake product is bleeding due to prominent ink marks.
To draw beautifully and not drop ink requires the skills of first-class craftsmen.
No forgery craftsman has this technique.
Also compare the letters of “PERPETUAL”.
The original is Mincho style, the imitation is Gothic.
There is no fake “whisker (pop)” on the stop section seen in the Mincho type body.
– How did Mimic Craftsman write the character?
It seems that I pushed it, maybe it was handwritten one by one.
There are many counterfeit manufacturers with various methods.
However, the idea that any counterfeit product is “more complicated than it really is” is common.

Does not work with fonts

Next, look at the bezel around the dial.

  Let’s zoom in on the numbers drawn on the bezel.

Please compare the parts circled in red carefully.
True digital series has deep curves and effective edges.
For fakes, on the other hand, the curves of the letters are flat and cannot draw sharp lines.
There is no sharpness overall, and the impression is vague.
We also mine this character manually, so it requires skilled skills.
If you don’t have enough skill, you can’t draw a line, it will get thicker.

Boundary line “chamfer” not complete

Next, look at the edges of the bezel.

  For real things, part of the edge is chamfered cleanly (thinned corners).
For counterfeits, there is almost no chamfering.
The real chamfer looks stereo and refined.
The real article has been carefully processed to the details.

Uneven connection between the case and the belt

Next, look at the bottom of the case.
  The part that connects the case and the strap (the part surrounded by the red circle). Pay attention to flash coordination.
Looking at this photo, doesn’t the middle part of the fake flash look bigger?
The size of the original parts is also very precise and accurate.
On the other hand, the dimensions of the simulated parts are different.
Let’s expand it further.


Really flat and smart.
The engagement between the shell and the belt portion is not uniform.
It’s just a little different, but this part comes out of nowhere, comfortable and rude.

The parts themselves are different

Here is a photo of the case and belt seams seen from the back.


At the connection between the case and the strap, there is a section called the very small spring bar.
When comparing the two, use spring bars of different shapes.
As a result, sometimes parts of the fake are completely different from the real thing.
Used as a knockoff were cheap spring bars widely used in commercial watches.
Part of the screw is exposed.
– If you repair a Rolex with parts other than original parts, will it be considered a fake?
If it is the difference of the spring bar, it will reduce the purchase price, but we will not refuse the purchase.
Basically, think “if you don’t mess with the inside of the machine”.

The crown is not delicate

Let’s focus on the belt part.


In Explorer II, the belt section also has a crown seal.
Let’s expand it further.


Comparing the two, the shape of the crown is not refined, because you can see fakes.
There is no sense of three-dimensionality, it is as simple as “engraving” rather than “paste”.
The real thing has a firm violation and the goods drift.

Unsmooth contour

Next, let’s take a look at the buckle on the belt mounting section.


Within the buckle, the brand name is stamped.
We will expand further.


The real thing is smooth, beautifully carved and shiny.
On the other hand, the imprint of counterfeit goods leaves cracks and rough marks and has no luster at all.
The parts that are difficult to see from the table, such as the back of the buckle, are parts made by the fake craftsman, especially by pulling out the hand.
If you pay close attention to these behaviors, the public sometimes knows that they are fakes.

Crown is hard to end

Continue to adjust the watch, please pay attention to the crown (screw winding).


In the Explorer II, the shroud is attached to both sides of the re-shield to withstand harsh environments.


If a protective cover is installed, the crown is difficult to roll up.
So the real sawtooth is sharp and sharp, so the real thing is not difficult to end.
On the other hand, counterfeit products are too jagged and not too round.
It is difficult to wind the crown in this way.
ROLEX is easy to use and touch, stick to Tocoton.
If you lack such detailed considerations, you will find that it is fake.
– Even if a small difference is accumulated, this is a big difference.
Rolex watches not only have advanced technology, but also the pride of first-class craftsmen.
It may be difficult to identify the real thing and distinguish the real thing.
However, holding the watch, I think it is doubtful whether you think it is “a bit difficult to use” or “feeling uncomfortable”.

Fake Rolex Submariner

Next is the Rolex submariner.
What is a submarine? Even in Rolex’s lineup, it is also a model for divers, especially in terms of water resistance and durability.
The bezel with 60 minutes of engraving marks is made of ceramic. Excellent corrosion resistance with anti-reverse function.
You can adjust the length of the bracelet without using a tool, or you can wear it from the top of the wetsuit.
– What are the functions of Submariner?
Submariner is a diving watch.
This is a watch developed by Rolex for diving.
It can be worn when you enter the ocean, it is extremely waterproof and has durability that won’t be defeated by water pressure.
– This is a submariner, isn’t it?
The picture below shows the submarine crew actually brought to Daikokuya.
One is fake.
Do you know which one are you?

There is also an imitation from the needle to the kiri, and some imitations are difficult to distinguish from counterfeits that appear suspicious immediately.

The color of the numbers stands out

Please pay attention to the memory, numbers and borders around the surface of the watch.


Since the submarine is a diver’s watch, it has the function of measuring the dive time.
This feature is a total of 60 minutes (independent recording time) engraved on the bezel.
Please note the number “30” within 60 minutes.


Looking closely, the fake numbers are a bit slender. Looking at the number of zeros, I think this is easy to understand.


Please compare the lines of white letters.
The real thing is that there are numbers, and the white lines are beautiful.
However, fakes have no evidence that the numbers have been engraved and only the numbers are drawn.
Moreover, the white line is prominent and the whole character is blurred.
To draw lowercase letters requires advanced technology.
For fake craftsmen, there is no technology that makes it as beautiful as a Rolex craftsman.
If the balance of numbers and how to draw colors are so dirty, they are considered to be false.

No Beautiful shape

This circular engraving is one of the characteristics of a submarine.


How to apply luminescent paint is miscellaneous


Different fonts
Next, look at the character “ROLEX” drawn on the dial.


However, if you look closely at the “O” letter, the thickness is uniform both vertically and horizontally and does not become a Mincho type. It looks like a Gothic body.
We also have the better letter “PERPETUAL”.
The real thing is drawn with a Gothic body.
On the other hand, it is a fake type, and you can see a strange font in Mincho and Gothic.
Looking at the letter “P”, it is not clear whether it is Mincho or Gothic.
Therefore, if the font is ambiguous and more than one font is used, it is false.


The watermark of the crown is clearly displayed

Next, let’s zoom in on the lower half of the dial (about 6 o’clock position).


If you look closely, here is the watermark for the crown.
Even in a submarine, it is impossible to visually confirm the watermark of this crown.
When magnified with a magnifying glass, it will eventually become thinner.
For fakes, this crown’s watermark has become very unnatural.
Looking at the counterfeiter, don’t you think you put it in?
If the crown can be confirmed, we suspect it is false.
Finishing of small parts is miscellaneous
Refer to the attachment housing (body) and the belt’s accessories for the flash.


The real flash fit has a gentle curve.

No stainless steel luster
In the future, let’s take a look at the back of the flash.
Inside the joint between the housing and the belt is a helical member called a very small spring rod.
The flashing fit has small holes on the left and right sides of the back to see the spring strips.


Crown logo attached later


The real thing is engraved with stainless steel in the buckle part, forming a crown mark.
However, the forged crown mark is then attached to the buckle.
In addition, it seems to use bad stainless steel as a material, no gloss, and a cheap impression.


Tearing off the invisible part
This is the back of the belt buckle.


It is not treated by the eraser
This is part of the invisible part of the buckle.


Jagged crown and logo engraving
Next time, please pay attention to adjusting the clock screw, crown.
Rolex’s crown mark is also engraved on the crown.


Screw damage design
Let us look at the belt from the side this time.
Please pay attention to the parts that are tightened.


Jagged width on the back of the watch
Finally, look at the back of the watch case.
The edge of the case is engraved with a small “serrated” shape.


Distinguish between true and false except appearance
– In addition to the appearance, is there a difference between genuine and fake?
Yes. If you check the following points, you can see the difference.


However, the real ROLEX knows that professional skills will be refined into details.
There are many experienced buyers who are familiar with ROLEX.
We will firmly evaluate whether it is genuine or fake, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Vintage Rolex 6536 Submariner Long Neck Hour Hand Mercedes

fake rolex watches

fake rolex watches

While all Rolex Submariner 6536 watches originally featured gold-plated “gold-plated” hour and minute hands, the hands of the 6536 have undergone a surprising change. Additionally, when Rolex created the Submariner 6536, the model’s signature “Mercedes” hands have replaced the original “pencil” style. However, it wasn’t until the production of the Type 6536 that its Mercedes-style hour hand took on the look we know today.
Similar to earlier red depth dials, some of the earliest examples of the Submariner 6536/8 and Submariner 6536-1 featured a “long neck” hour hand with a significantly longer section connecting the “Mercedes” logo to the bottom. Hands (similar to the Mercedes hour hand style on the old Submariner 6200). Additionally, when Rolex updated the case for the reference 6536-1, the mute and seconds hands were slightly increased to better accommodate the slightly different dial diameters.
Finally, throughout the production of the Submariner 6536, the second hand itself has undergone some minor updates. In addition to the ever-shrinking size of the luminous area, the finish of the hands has also changed. Some of the earliest examples have white seconds hands, while those produced near the end of the Submariner 6536’s production cycle will be gold-plated to match the rest of the hands.
Like the dials and hands, there are several variations of the bezel inserts fitted to Rolex Submariner watches. While they are both made of black anodized aluminium and feature a 60-minute graduation, you can find with or without a separate minute marker for the first 15 minutes, as well as with or without the famous inverted red triangle at the zero marker.fake watches
The earliest versions originally came with an all-black “No-Hash” bezel insert, largely following the design of the original Submariner bezel, with no separate minute markers for the first 15 minutes. From here, red triangles are added to the zero mark, although a single hash of the first 15 minutes is not added to the bezel’s scale until near the end of the reference 6536’s production cycle. With that in mind, not all of these later hash marks have an inverted red triangle on the bezel, and you sometimes come across vintage fake Rolex Submariner 6536 bezels that don’t have the red triangle.

Questions about the Rolex Yacht-Master

The standard Rolex Yacht Prestige is a luxury-oriented sports watch that displays the time and date. The Yacht Prestige II joined the Rolex collection in 2007, offering unprecedented functionality with the regatta timer. The Yacht Prestige II is powered by Caliber 4161, one of the most complex movements Rolex has ever built, with a patented mechanical memory and instantaneous synchronization of the regatta timer. Also, the Yacht Prestige bezel is different because it controls part of the movement inside the case, rather than simply acting as an external mechanism to help track elapsed time. The Rolex Yacht Prestige II also has a completely different aesthetic, featuring a larger 44m case with chronograph pushers on either side of the winding crown.

What is the Rolex Yacht Prestige for?
The Rolex Yacht Prestige was originally created as a luxury movement selling the best replica watches, while the Yacht Prestige II was created as a professional regatta timepiece with a luxurious style. In contrast, the Yacht Prestige features a rotating bezel to time 60-minute events, while the Yacht Prestige II features a countdown timer with flyback or fly-by function for timed regattas.

Is a Rolex Yachting Reputation a Good Investment?
Yes, the Rolex Yacht Prestige is a great investment for collectors for two main reasons. First, these watches have historically been highly valued for their uniqueness and sportiness; however, they are still currently undervalued compared to their counterparts in the Rolex catalog. Therefore, they have huge appreciation potential in the future. Second, the Rolex Yacht Prestige is a luxury watch usually made of precious metals. These metals should retain their great value over the years, and their premium construction ensures that it will always have value.

How to use Yachtmaster II?
While the Yacht-Master II looks rather complicated, Rolex has made sure that using it is actually quite intuitive. After setting the adjustable countdown timer to the desired setting, start the chronograph. Press the top button to start the countdown, then press the top button again to stop it. However, by pressing the bottom button while the chronograph is running, this will adjust the chronograph forward or backward to the nearest minute – making it perfectly synchronized with the official race clock.

Batman Rolex GMT Master II Blue & Black “Batman”

Probably the most expensive and famous of all Batman watches is the Rolex “Batman”. Of course, we’re not talking about any watch worn on Bruce Wayne’s wrist. Instead, the Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLNR (new for 2021) and 116710BLNR (vintage 2013) black and blue bezels are another watch that has earned their superhero moniker. Let’s take a look at how and why this Rolex watch is associated with the Dark Knight.
Who wears the Rolex Batman?
Celebrities such as singer John Mayer, actors Rob Lowe (Parks and Recreation) and Steve Carell (The Office), famous personalities and athletes such as tennis champion Roger Federer, and Kasper Schmeichel Carlos (Leicester City goalkeeper) and Karim Benzema (Real Madrid striker), Christian Benteke (Belgian professional footballer) and many more sports stars.
Rolex Batman Watch
First of all, let’s talk about the difference between the old Rolex GMT series and the new Rolex GMT-Master 2 series? First of all, Rolex decided to sell their best replica watches, more with their new patented “Cerachrom” hardened ceramic bezel insert, which is highly scratch resistant and will not be damaged by exposure to Faded by UV light. In this way, Rolex had to challenge itself to find a way to combine the two colors with the ceramic material. Going back to making bezels out of metal, that’s no big deal, but doing the same with ceramic materials requires some serious creative thinking. The good news is that Rolex has never been accused of lack of creativity in its manufacturing methods. They actually wrote a book about innovation.rolex watches
Another difference between the two self-winding sports watches is the Oyster bracelet, which was used on the previous model, 116710BLNR. In 2019, with the release of the new generation watch model 126710, the Oyster bracelet was first replaced by the Jubilee bracelet on the new model, reference 126710BLNR, until 2021, when they reintroduced the original Oyster bracelet into the updated 126710 Oyster. Take Batman.
The price of the Rolex Batman has skyrocketed over the past few years, it’s nearly impossible to get one anywhere at MSRP, and it doesn’t look like it’s going down any time soon. So now might be a good time to sell one. A BLNR is a special kind of watch, and if you bought one a few years ago and never wore it, you’ll pay thousands more than you originally paid. Due to the recent volatility in fake Rolex prices, it’s hard to say it’s going to drop in the foreseeable future, so if you buy one, you’re probably paying at least full price.
The BLNR Rolex 116710 is not the first two-tone bezel from Rolex. The Rolex GMT collection has always had watches with two-tone bezels… long before the Rolex GMT Batman was introduced. This is a tradition that continues for over 50 years. From their red and blue “Pepsi” bezel (think, with those colors, it would be more appealing to call it “Superman”) to their red and black “Coke” bezel (Daredevil or Dead) waiter?). The Rolex two-tone bezel has always earned a catchy moniker somehow. Now we have another color combination with a blue and black two-tone border, dubbed “Batman” or “Dark Night.” Some even call it “Bruiser” because of the black and royal blue hues. Why Batman? Well, black and blue are some of the most common color combinations in the classic Batman comics and shows, and…that does sound appealing!

Rolex Milgauss 116400 Quality Imitation Watches Review

If you want a Rolex watch that has neither a date window nor extra functions, then you can choose from the three collections Rolex Explorer, Oyster Perpetual, and Milgauss. From the dials of these watches, we can find that these Rolex watches only provide local time. Although their functions look simple, they are very reliable and robust watches. Our topic today is the latest Rolex Milgauss 116400 super clone watch.

The Return Of Milgauss

The first Rolex Milgauss clone watch was Ref. 6541, which was born in 1954. Although Rolex did not produce the world’s first anti-magnetic watch, the Migauss super clone watches at that time had a strong anti-magnetic ability. After many iterations, this anti-magnetic watch series temporarily stopped updating in the late 1980s. After a window of nearly 20 years, Rolex released the Rolex Milgauss 116400, which also indicated that the best Milgauss replica is back. There are three versions of Rolex Milgauss super clone 116400. The first Milgauss 116400 replica watch has a white dial. The second is a black dial with green sapphire crystal. The last one is a black dial with transparent sapphire crystal.

Antimagnetic Ability

The antimagnetic ability of Rolex Milgauss 116400 super clone watches is hidden in the case and movement. The first is the Faraday cage in the case. Faraday cages have been used since the first replica Rolex Milgauss watch. For a long time, this cage can withstand a magnetic field of 1,000 Gauss. Since the NO.3131 movement was developed, this watch has an added guarantee. Because the Parachrom hairspring inside this movement increases the anti-magnetic ability of the watch. So far, only the Rolex Air-King super clone watch has shared this excellent movement.

Watch Specifications

  • Case Size: 40MM
  • Material: 904L stainless steel
  • Waterproof Depth: 100M
  • Power Reserve: 48h
  • Strap: Oyster bracelet, polished center link

Finally, I want to say that Rolex Milgauss clone watches are really low-key watches. Because its functions are hidden in the case.


Finding a beautiful, crisp white dial from the Rolex archives is always a treat. The model 116300 is perhaps the most dignified Datejust II variant ever made, and the classic white dial option compliments this beauty perfectly. Its baton indexes are smart, professional, and let the case do the talking. If the proportions of the Datejust II catch your eye, but you’re not too keen on experimental displays, this is the one for you.
The white dial replica Rolex Datejust II 116300 represents an attractive entry point to the Datejust II line, and it’s usually less expensive than its fluted bezel siblings. While you can find 116300 models with Roman numeral marked dials, the classic baton index version arguably best complements the clean lines of the collection’s smooth bezel and 41mm Oyster case.
For those looking for something with a little more shine and sparkle, the model 116334 with its diamond-set dial is probably the best choice. Made entirely of white metal, it is more understated than the two-tone model, while the sun-bleached slate finish softens the brilliance of the diamonds just enough to make this luxury-oriented rendition of the Datejust II a potential everyday wearer.
The replica Rolex Datejust II 116334 also brings the added charm of a fluted bezel in white gold. The Datejust II was short-lived, but that was mostly because it was a little too ahead of its time. Only now, several years after it was discontinued, is it beginning to experience the appreciation it lacked when it was first introduced, and the model can be found with a variety of unique dials that don’t exist on any other Rolex replica watch.
There is a desperate wave of fake Rolex Datejust II models that use a rarely seen Roman numeral dial layout. As usual, the 12 o’clock marker is occupied by the brand’s famous crown and the 3 o’clock marker is replaced by the Cyclops enlarged date. The rest of the numerals are represented by beautiful painted Roman numerals. However, the marker at 9 o’clock is singled out by a single horizontal luminous index applied to the dial face.

While this dial sounds unbalanced and busy on paper, the opposite is true in execution. The marker at 9 o’clock subtly offsets the date at 3 o’clock and seems to give the other dial markers more room to breathe. Rolex still produces a similar dial style on the current Datejust 41, with a slate face and Roman numerals outlined in green, but the brand no longer produces a black version with silver outlined numerals, so the change is both striking and entirely symbolic of the Datejust II.

Father’s Day Rolex Replica Watches Ultimate Gift Guide

Replica Rolex Datejust 16233

Father’s Day is coming soon, but we still have time to give Dad my perfect gift. Instead of giving him a tie or a razor as a gift, why don’t we buy him a charming watch? It will give him a surprise. Watches are one of the few items in life that can last for many years. They can be passed from father to son. It can become a precious family heirloom for future generations. If you want to give your father a special gift, luxury watches are the perfect Father’s Day gift. We studied some replica Rolex watches carefully that can be used as Father’s Day gifts. Next, let’s take a look.

Replica Rolex Datejust 16233

Replica Rolex Datejust 16233
Replica Rolex Datejust 16233

For fathers who like classics, there is nothing more suitable than the iconic two-tone log-type watch. Although Rolex replica watches have produced many very famous and iconic models, there are no models of watches that are more representative of the Rolex brand than the classic 36 mm gold watches. All in all, Datejust replica watch is a typical Rolex watch. This fake watch is Rolex’s most diverse collection of watches. It can be worn with various types of clothing and on any occasion. It is also easy to become a person’s lifetime money.

Rolex Replica Submariner 116610LN

Rolex Replica Submariner 116610LN
Rolex Replica Submariner 116610LN

For those fathers who like sports and enjoy outdoor challenges, the Rolex imitation Submariner is a perfect watch. Although this perfect cloned watch was originally designed for divers, its durable structure and clear display make it a perfect ultra-sturdy timekeeping companion. This watch is also one of the undisputed symbols of the watch industry. The case and strap made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel ensure the robustness of the watch. It can be used in very harsh environments. It is a unique imitation Rolex watch without compromise.

Fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 15210

Fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 15210
Fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 15210

For low-key, humble fathers who like exquisite goods but don’t like to show off, the classic Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch is a good choice. It provides all the logo functions of replica Rolex watches, but its design is as mysterious and low-key as ever. This is an entry-level replica Rolex watch. In addition to displaying the calendar, it has no additional or complicated functions. Fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 15210 adheres to a minimalist design. It is classic and timeless, and the aesthetic design can be easily adapted to various occasions. This Oyster Perpetual is the oldest watch series of the brand, but it is still in production today. It can be seen that this beautiful replica watch Rolex is the backbone of the watch.

Rolex is the most suitable watch as a Father’s Day gift. There are many kinds of it. We can choose the right watch according to the style our father likes. The above is a recommendation of several different styles of watches. Hope it can help you. Of course, if you want to buy other replica Rolex watches, you can visit our website

Replica Rolex Day-Date 118238 President Watches

replica Rolex Day-Date 118238 watches

Rolex is always the top brand in the watch industry. From the early days to the present, the value it brings to us and the inheritance significance behind it are immeasurable. For a long time, Rolex Day-Date is not only a status symbol, but also one of the most sought after watches by celebrities. So in 2000, the replica Rolex Day-Date 118238 made its debut, replacing the previous Day-Date model. This replica watch not only has the title of president, but is also synonymous with gold watches. Today, let me take you to understand all its information.

replica Rolex Day-Date 118238

Classic Case

Replica Rolex Day-Date retains the classic 36MM case design. This is an Oyster gold case, and you can feel its luxury just by looking at the exterior. Obviously, this watch case is not only eye-catching, but also very unique and attractive . In fact, Day-Date 118238 has wider lugs, so it will be larger to wear. In other respects, Rolex replica also improved the hidden foldable crown for 118238. This design not only enhances the safety of the watch, but also improves the wearing comfort. In addition, 118238 also uses Twinlock screw-in winding crown, back cover and sapphire crystal. These measures can further enhance the quality of replica watches. Of course, it has a certain degree of water resistance like other Rolex watches, with a water resistance of up to 100 meters.

replica Rolex Day-Date bracelet

High-performance Movement

Day-Date 118238 uses the NO.3155 movement. This movement can not only drive the hands, but also instantaneous date. On the other hand, replica Rolex Day-Date 118238 also has dual quick settings and hack functions. It should be noted that this is a movement produced in 2015, and its daily accuracy can be maintained at -2/+2 seconds. At the same time, all Rolex movements have a five-year warranty, which far exceeds industry standards.

replica Rolex Day-Date

Champagne Dial

This replica Rolex President watch has a champagne dial. In the dial, you can not only see the gold hands, but also the dual calendar display window. This design is unique and a symbol of replica Rolex Day-Date. At the same time, there is also an 18K gold crown inside the dial. Used with the watch is the famous presidential bracelet, which is made of gold.

replica Rolex Day-Date 118238 watches

In short, replica Rolex Day-Date 118238 is currently one of the most expensive gold watches. Today, it is the favorite of celebrities. Whether it is Victoria Beckham or Rihanna, they are fans of it. Rolex has an iconic design style, I believe Day-Date will be the ideal choice for all successful people. Finally, I think that since its introduction in 1955, no watch has been as stunning as the President of Rolex.

Pretty Rolex Replica Watches For You

Fake Rolex Day-Date 118346 Black Dial

With the progress of the times, there are more and more ways to know time. But the watch is the easiest and most convenient way to know the time. So many people will ask: What kind of watches are worth buying? There is no doubt that the answer is Rolex watches. Rolex is a world-famous watch. It has a wide audience. Therefore, this brand of watches is very worth buying. On the streets, we can often see people wearing watches of this brand. Although Rolex watches are a high-end watch brand, this does not affect people’s purchases. Below, I will introduce some pretty replica Rolex watches to you.

Rolex Replica Yacht-Master 169622

Rolex Replica Yacht-Master 169622
Rolex Replica Yacht-Master 169622

The matte black strap is the most unique design of this 169622 watch. The silver case, matte bezel, and black classic dial highlight the characteristics of the watch to the fullest. Although both bright black and matte black belong to black, they show the sense of hierarchy of the watch perfectly. And this watch replica Rolex has a 3.5 mm case. So it is unisex. The design of this dark black watch is very low-key, but the silver case adds beauty to the watch. The polished crown is smooth and beautiful. Therefore, the appearance of this black replica watch is still very eye-catching.

Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 1503

Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 1503
Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 1503

The Oyster case is the most classic feature of Rolex watches. As a replica Rolex watch, the reproduction of the Oyster case also provides a guarantee for the quality of the watch. The gold case and dial design of the 1503 watch make this watch more luxurious. The watch uses a classic standard three-hand design. The whole watch shows the nobleness of the watch. The design of the calendar display window has become the biggest highlight of this watch. The leather strap of the watch highlights the sophistication of the watch. And this watch can be worn on any occasion. This fake Rolex watch is not only very practical but also very decorative.

Fake Rolex Day-Date 118346 Black Dial

Fake Rolex Day-Date 118346 Black Dial
Fake Rolex Day-Date 118346 Black Dial

There are many successful watches in the Day-Date watch series. This 118346 watch is one of the most unique series. The watch has a black dial. The black dial looks like a space design. It is very wonderful. The dial of the watch uses diamond scales. The bezel is studded with diamonds at night. From the overall point of view of the watch, diamond is its main element. Therefore, the nobility and luxury of this watch are very sufficient. Of course, as a replica Rolex watch, we have to know that the diamonds on this watch are imitations. However, we have to say that the aesthetics of the watch is still the same as that of a genuine watch.

Today I will introduce these replica Rolex watches to you. These watches are suitable for you and also suitable as gifts. This is the first issue of our “Pretty Rolex Replica Watches For You”, and we will continue to introduce some beautiful watches in the next issue. Hope these articles can help you.

Why Rolex Replica Watches Sells Worldwide

Fake Rolex GMT Master 16700

When people talk about Rolex, whether you like it or not, you can’t deny its status in the watch industry. There are Rolex fans all over the world. Why is Rolex liked by so many people? What is the charm of Rolex? Why can it be sold all over the world? In fact, these issues are one problem. It is precise because of its charm that Rolex is loved by so many people. Therefore, it can be sold all over the world. Below, I will analyze the key reasons why Rolex replica watches are sold all over the world:

Rolex Replica Brand Effect

Fake Rolex GMT Master 16700
Fake Rolex GMT Master 16700

Rolex watches have a high status in today’s watch industry. There are not many Swiss watch brands that can rival this watch brand. Many people will consider Rolex watches when buying. But the price of Rolex watches is so high that many people cannot afford them. Therefore, imitation Rolex watches came into being. It has become a good substitute for Rolex watches. And it has also been successfully welcomed by the public.

The Quality of Fake Rolex Watches

Replica Rolex Explorer II 216570WSO
Replica Rolex Explorer II 216570WSO

The quality of the watch is the most important core of the watch. The reason why Rolex replica watches are sold all over the world is not only the classic style but also its durability. Yes, the appearance of Rolex imitations is not fancy. It also doesn’t have many complicated functions. Rolex replica watches put more time and experience into the material and basic functions of the watch. Therefore, no matter which Rolex watch is purchased, its quality is guaranteed.

Good Material Guarantee

The quality of Rolex watches is guaranteed. The material used in its replica watches is mainly stainless steel that is more corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant and robust. The watch made of this material has high hardness, corrosion resistance, and friction resistance. It can guarantee the quality of the watch case and strap. The original purpose of many people wearing watches is to see the time. Later, this gradually became a symbol of status and money. Of course, a crown logo is not enough. Many people like Rolex watches because their materials are hard enough. Rolex replica watches are reliable, durable, and accurate. These have also become Rolex’s most shining labels.

Replica Rolex Submariner 116610LV
Replica Rolex Submariner 116610LV

High precision

In 1910, a Rolex watch became the first watch to be awarded a Swiss timepiece certificate by the official watch grading center of Biel, Switzerland. The Swiss official certified chronograph is also one of the symbols of Rolex watches. People all know its accuracy all over the world. The precise time depends on its exploration of craftsmanship. Today’s Rolex watches have a daily error of only less than 2 seconds, reaching an incredible point.

Wearing a watch requires wearing a Rolex. Rolex replica watches are a status symbol. After all, anyone who knows watches or not knows Rolex, we cannot deny the success of Rolex. In the world, Rolex watches are also a watch brand that cannot be ignored. If you want to know more about replica Rolex, you can visit our website