Clean factory Panda Daytona available

Clean factory has just released four Daytona models, a 116500 ceramic bezel and a 116520 stainless steel bezel. You can place your order now, but you will have to wait after payment as I don’t know when they will be in stock. There are dealers online that say it’s available now, but it’s not true, there are too many prepaid orders for the Clean since their Daytona was released two weeks ago, so if you want to get the best Daytona 116500 or 116520 , the only way is to order from clean and wait.

It is said that the Daytona of the Clean factory still uses Noob’s movement, that is, the Super Clone 4130, it is not based on any Chinese automatic movement, the Super Clone 4130 is developed by the movement factory, they manufacture all parts according to the genuine Rolex 4130 movement, and then assemble They, which are one-hour clone movements, represent the highest watchmaking technology on our market. I’m pretty sure that the movement used in the Clean Daytona is the same as the previous Super Clone 4130 made by Noob, at least both are from the same movement maker.

Clean’s Daytona case is 40mm in diameter, which is the same thickness as the genuine Daytona’s case, which is 12.5mm. Every other Daytona on the market, be it TW, EW or JH, is a lot thicker than 12.5mm. So, if you are looking for the best Daytona replica with 1:1 accurate case and super clone movement, then Clean factory is the only choice.

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