Questions about the Rolex Yacht-Master

The standard Rolex Yacht Prestige is a luxury-oriented sports watch that displays the time and date. The Yacht Prestige II joined the Rolex collection in 2007, offering unprecedented functionality with the regatta timer. The Yacht Prestige II is powered by Caliber 4161, one of the most complex movements Rolex has ever built, with a patented mechanical memory and instantaneous synchronization of the regatta timer. Also, the Yacht Prestige bezel is different because it controls part of the movement inside the case, rather than simply acting as an external mechanism to help track elapsed time. The Rolex Yacht Prestige II also has a completely different aesthetic, featuring a larger 44m case with chronograph pushers on either side of the winding crown.

What is the Rolex Yacht Prestige for?
The Rolex Yacht Prestige was originally created as a luxury movement selling the best replica watches, while the Yacht Prestige II was created as a professional regatta timepiece with a luxurious style. In contrast, the Yacht Prestige features a rotating bezel to time 60-minute events, while the Yacht Prestige II features a countdown timer with flyback or fly-by function for timed regattas.

Is a Rolex Yachting Reputation a Good Investment?
Yes, the Rolex Yacht Prestige is a great investment for collectors for two main reasons. First, these watches have historically been highly valued for their uniqueness and sportiness; however, they are still currently undervalued compared to their counterparts in the Rolex catalog. Therefore, they have huge appreciation potential in the future. Second, the Rolex Yacht Prestige is a luxury watch usually made of precious metals. These metals should retain their great value over the years, and their premium construction ensures that it will always have value.

How to use Yachtmaster II?
While the Yacht-Master II looks rather complicated, Rolex has made sure that using it is actually quite intuitive. After setting the adjustable countdown timer to the desired setting, start the chronograph. Press the top button to start the countdown, then press the top button again to stop it. However, by pressing the bottom button while the chronograph is running, this will adjust the chronograph forward or backward to the nearest minute – making it perfectly synchronized with the official race clock.