Three Things You Want To Know About Panerai Watches Replicas

With such a watch, even from 10 meters away, it can be instantly recognized. This watch is neither Rolex, Patek Philippe, nor Omega, Tag Heuer. It is Panerai. It is uniquely recognized for its massive case size and innovative crown guard. So this unique watch will make it recognizable from a distance. Next, I’ll say three things about counterfeit Panerai, hoping you’ll get to know the Italian brand better.

The Relationship Between Panerai And Rolex

We all know that Panerai once supplied watches for the Royal Italian Navy. While they have Radiomir, an excellent luminous material, they have no experience making diving watches. At that time, Rolex had mature experience in manufacturing waterproof watches, so Panerai and Rolex reached a cooperation. Therefore, Panerai replica watches before the 1950s have many similar characteristics to Rolex watches. But the two brands ended their collaboration in 1956.

Crown Guard

After terminating cooperation with Rolex, Panerai invented its own crown guard. When Panerai started selling civilian watches, the strange bezel bridge was favored by many watch fans. In the end, this cool and awkward crown became the brand’s logo.

How To Distinguish Panerai Collections

So far, Panerai has a total of five collections. However, many fans cannot completely distinguish these five collections. Next, I will tell you the difference between these five Panerai fake watches.

  • Radiomir And Luminor

In general, Panerai watches can be divided into two categories, Radiomir and Luminor. We can distinguish them directly from the crown. Panerai Luminor watches are crown bridges, and Panerai Radiomir collection is the opposite.

  • Radiomir, Radiomir 1940

Radiomir collection can be divided into Radiomir and Radiomir 1940. We distinguish these two watches replicas from the shape of the crown. Panerai Radiomir fake watches have a conical crown. But Panerai Radiomir 1940 watches fake has a cylindrical crown that can be attached to the case.

  • Luminor, Luminor 1950, Luminor DUE

The three replica Panerai watch collections can be distinguished from the crown bridges. First, we can find the Luminor, because only Panerai Luminor watches do not have a “REG. TM value.” on the bridge. Next, we can distinguish the Panerai Luminor 1950 from the Luminor DUE by the bridge hole. The Luminor DUE has a rectangular bridge hole, but the Luminor 1950 has a pentagonal bridge hole.

Today, Panerai enjoys a high status due to its historical connotation and durable quality. Of course, its success is also inseparable from the Richemont Group. In any case, we have seen its success.